Lake Arenal Gardens

On Aguacate Bay, Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica



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The House is 646 square feet of masonry construction on the first level with one bedroom, one bath and hot running water. The second level is 420 square feet of wood frame construction with a bedroom and half bath. Total gross living are is 866 square feet.

There is an additional 1,130 square feet of covered walks, patios, decks, around the house. A 45 square foot secure bodega. A 400 square foot open wood frame gaeage and a 900 square foot masonry shop/garage.

The shop/garage has a bedroom, bathroom with hot shower, kitchenette and laundry. In addition there is a 100 square foot loft.

Sale includes architecturally drawn plans for an additional two bedroom two bath house designed to be attached to the large garage.